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This web site is the only resource you need to get started in running with minimalist shoes – whether you’re a beginning runner or an injured runner like myself, you’ll find everything you need to know here or where to find it if not.

For heel to toe runners, you will find minimalist running shoes to help you be a better runner – avoiding injuries and having a better running form. And go from heel to toe to forefoot and midfoot strikes only.

For those who cannot run with traditional running shoes (like myself) because of plantar fasciitis or heel injuries, running with minimalist running shoes and changing your running form is the ONLY way to be ABLE to run AGAIN.

For those into barefoot running, try minimalist running shoes before going bare! Remember, walk before you run – do it slow and easy.

I’m run about 80% 20% of the time on a tartan track and asphalt and 20% 80% on trails.

Nick’s Bio

Nicholas Pang has published dozens of e-Book for the Amazon Kindle and Apple iPad. He has also co-authored two books in print for Oracle Press (“Oracle 9i Mobile”, 2002) and McGraw-Hill/OsborneMedia (“Mobile Macromedia Flash MX”, 2003).

While not tinkering with the latest Internet technologies for Internet start-ups in real estate, retail, and local government, Nick is busy fine tuning his running form and training hard for the National Senior Games and World Masters Athletics Championships. Nick is also a member of the USA Track & Field organization.

Our Testers

Nick does the majority of the road & trail running and thus 90%+ of the shoes are tested by him. We also have two female wear testers (Sophie, Claire) and two male wear testers (Kevin, Robert).


Specialty: Road Running, Trail Running, Track & Field

Shoe Rotation: Adidas adipure Gazelle, Skechers GOBionic, Mizuno Evo Levitas, Merrell Road Glove, Altra Superior.


Specialty: Trail Running

Shoe Rotation: Altra Intuition, Altra Delilah, SKORA FORM


Specialty: Cross Country, Track & Field

Shoe Rotation: Adidas adipure Gazelle, Adidas adipure MotionSKORA FORM


Specialty: Golf

Shoe Rotation: TRUE Links Wear TourTRUE Links Wear Phx


Specialty: Road Running, Trail Running

Shoe Rotation: Brooks Pure Cadence


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